Hospitals / Rehabilitation

VISCO-MED Mattresses

Soft mattress with a high-density foam centre and covered with a viscoelastic polyurethane foam that prevents bed sores all while ensuring an overall feeling of comfort. The Visco-Med mattress is easy to care for, available in many different models and all mattresses are antibacterial, anti-mould, anti-fungal and fire-resistant. The polyurethane polyester fibre is flexible and helps prevent pressure points. On request you may also add a fire-proof Integrity 30 net that makes your mattress self-extinguishing (with the Integrity 30 your mattress will meet the CAL TB 129 standard

The best choice for hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-mould
  • Anti-fungal
  • Flame-proof (CAL 117 norm)
  • Better contouring with high density  foam
  • Visco-Elastic Memory Foam
  • High Density Celcor foam (soft)
  • High Density HR Foam (very dense)


Pressure Relief Mattresses
(Anti Bedsore)

Especially made for people who spend many hours in a bed or wheelchair. These mattresses provide maximum comfort by reducing constant friction, controlling humidity and alternating pressure to disperse pressure away from the body. Pressure relief mattresses are an excellent way to prevent bedsores.


Pressure relief mattresses by Matelas Dauphin are made with cotton and pure polyester fibre (50% – 50%), and thus increasing oxygenation to the body.

The quilted fibre technique — with hollow core shafts and quilted fibres that will retain its loft. The filling is extensible, flexible and hypoallergenic.

The nylon and polyurethane covering one side of the mattress (or cushion) is best when dealing with urinary incontinence. On the other side of the mattress a silky cotton provides softness and comfort.